Our Mission
Is our commitment
Maintain our position as the most dynamic and creative medical equipment provider by offering unrivaled service, excellent value for your money, and products of the highest quality. We run our business with respect for our customers and consideration for our employees and encourage them to strive for excellence by developing themselves personally as well as caring for our customers.
What we do
It's what we love
PMC2 is a dynamic, multifaceted, innovative and expanding young company offering complete medical equipment products and services to both hospitals and primary care facilities. We proudly represent Panasonic Medical, Scican, Philisp Cardiology and many others. Our division Level6 is the most secure area in the medical field for sanitation and destruction of obsolete medical equipment.
Where we are going
It's our vision
The modern health-care system is dynamic and in constant change. We want to stay ahead of those changes and offer our customers many different medical solutions to enhance their competitiveness. By keeping professionals on our staff we can ensure our customers will make right decisions to continue being competitive in this every changing marketplace.